Apprenticeship in Engineering at Stonehill

To maintain a high standard of engineering, Stonehill Engineering decided to create an apprenticeship scheme. The apprenticeship program at Stonehill Engineering has been ongoing for over 8 years now, and the result has proven that growing engineering skills in-house leads to engineers whose skills perfectly suit the desired standards of the company. Stonehill Engineering focusesContinue reading “Apprenticeship in Engineering at Stonehill”

Interview: CNC Apprentice

Stonehill Engineering runs a successful apprenticeship scheme giving participants the opportunity to learn through real-world experience, while gaining the qualifications required to succeed in their chosen profession. We interviewed Tom, a CNC Apprentice, as he reflects on what he has learnt during his apprenticeship and what he hopes to achieve next: Why did you wantContinue reading “Interview: CNC Apprentice”

Engineering Apprenticeships – A Practical Approach to Learning

We offer engineering apprenticeships in many different areas providing our apprentices with the chance to learn through experience, while gaining the qualifications required to succeed in their chosen profession. We are pleased to announce that we are now extending our apprenticeship scheme and are currently looking for CNC Miller engineering apprentices. Our apprenticeships offer aContinue reading “Engineering Apprenticeships – A Practical Approach to Learning”

Quality Inspection Capacity Increased for Precision Engineered Parts

Stonehill Engineering is committed to producing precision engineered parts to tight tolerances and every job carried out is inspected to ensure it meets strict quality control measures before it leaves the factory. The quality inspection room at Stonehill, which is temperature and light controlled, has recently been expanded by fifty percent to enable the additionContinue reading “Quality Inspection Capacity Increased for Precision Engineered Parts”

Stonehill Engineering expands CNC facilities

Stonehill Engineering recently took delivery of a fourth 5 axis CNC machine, bringing the total number of machines to 15.  The new 5 axis machine, from Mikron AgieChamilles, increases our capacity even further as the 7-pallet station gives us the ability to run ‘lights out’ overnight and during the weekend. It also means that StonehillContinue reading “Stonehill Engineering expands CNC facilities”

Dr Mike Ashmead receives his OBE

Dr Mike Ashmead OBE: Following the announcement of his Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in June 2019, Dr Mike Ashmead attended his investiture on Friday 25th October at Windsor Castle, when he was presented with his award by HRH Queen Elizabeth II, (Shown in the main photo, credit: Jonathan Brady/PA).