Laser Engraving

At Stonehill Engineering we provide finishing touches to the items we produce using our laser engraving machine. This physically removes part of the surface of the material leaving a permanent mark, which will not wear over time.

Our machines allow us to laser engrave both flat and cylindrical objects. Virtually any design can be added to the chosen material with complete precision and a high-quality finish.

Often a brand name or logo is engraved onto the object, such as the motorcycle parts we produce, ensuring they are instantly recognisable and that the image will not fade. Other popular engravings include serial numbers, barcodes and identification tags.

We are able to engrave steel, aluminium, rubber, plastic and glass, as well as anodised and coated metals. Aluminium is a durable metal that is perfect for laser engraving, as can be seen in the examples above. Laser engraving does not use any chemicals which could damage the item and both shallow and deep engravings are possible. Alternatively, we can provide a laser cutting service to cut a specific design into the object.

For further information on our laser engraving service, please contact us.  


Laserscript LS6840

680mm x 400mm x 130mm