Mission & Philosophy

Stonehill Engineering’s mission is to produce the highest quality precision machined components with a rapid turnaround.

The Stonehill Engineering team deliver high quality precision machined components with a rapid turnaround for our customers.

We hold the same overall mission and philosophy as our parent company, Encocam.

Creating an environment which inspires people, enterprise and innovation to flourish.

As a group, we are always innovating, developing and looking for new opportunities. We pride ourselves on being a world leader in engineering, combining innovative design with traditional engineering skills to deliver the best solutions for our customers.

Encocam has over 30 years’ experience, spanning a large range of innovative and creative industries from energy absorption, safety testing solutions, composite panels, interior design, motorbikes, architecture and a range of manufacturing and engineering services.

We are market leaders and have a reputation for delivering market-leading products. We make the most of opportunities available to us and ensure that our customers are enthusiastic about what we do and look to work with us as their partner of choice. Our positive approach to customer care has given us great opportunities in the various industries we work in. We continue to use this framework of company values to deliver the best service to our customers and to continue to achieve our company goals.