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Delivering Engineering Success

At Stonehill Engineering we pride ourselves on our expertise in manufacturing solutions. Our close-knit team has over 100 years experience in the manufacturing industry. This combined with our modern machines and professional approach gives our customers complete satisfaction.


We give our customers the professional touch in the following areas:


Design and Development: via our dedicated team - offering concept through to production

CNC Machining/Conventional Machining: in all areas including milling and turning- providing total production needs

Low to Mid Volume Injection Moulding: we offer that flexibility whether it's 50 parts you need or 50000!

Custom Parts: Those long forgotten components for your much-loved car or motorcycle from either a drawing/sketch or your broken/worn part itself.

Toolmaking: We offer two toolmaking options:

  • Rapid prototype aluminium tooling (RPAT), with guaranteed fast lead times and giving you the customer first hand products to continue the design and/or fit and function tests while production tooling is manufactured.
  • Discounted quality tools made in China with the convenience of UK handling. We deal direct with you and our China toolmakers, handling all issues during production. This is then fully backed up in the UK for modifications/repairs to the tooling.
    We aim to be a one stop tooling package provider.

If you require a quotation or would like to discuss anything please email the sales team at sales@stonehillengineering.com. Our aim is to get back to you with a competitive quote within 48 hours.

Stonehill Engineering can offer a complete part production process with facilities all under one roof.

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