Apprenticeship in Engineering at Stonehill


To maintain a high standard of engineering, Stonehill Engineering decided to create an apprenticeship scheme. The apprenticeship program at Stonehill Engineering has been ongoing for over 8 years now, and the result has proven that growing engineering skills in-house leads to engineers whose skills perfectly suit the desired standards of the company.

Stonehill Engineering focuses on CNC machining applications, from CNC milling to CNC turning. Apprentices can choose from either of them, with the possibility of learning both, to become a fully skilled CNC engineer. During the programme, apprentices take lessons on a variety of machines located on the production floor, including 3 axis milling machines, 5 axis-seven pallet loaders, grinders, and more.

5 Axis – 7 loaders CNC machine

Besides the opportunity to earn money while receiving training and acquiring new skills, our apprentices have real-world work experience, which is a more hands-on method of learning. A senior team member serves as the apprentices’ mentor and is available for unlimited help. All apprentices are helped to reach their full potential by these supervisors, who use their expertise, connections, and knowledge. Aside from all that, there are more reasons why anyone should be interested in Stonehill with starting a career in engineering the best possible.

Tom, a CNC apprentice with Stonehill in an interview indicated he built confidence by shadowing others for weeks while they explained to him all that they were doing. Read more on Tom’s interview.

Tom, CNC apprentice

To become a fully skilled CNC engineer at Stonehill, apprentices are required to complete a 4-year program. During this period, apprentices will shadow different operators, take engineering courses with our educational partners, and be assessed by their supervisors as well as by their tutors.

5 Axis CNC machine

Stonehill Engineering understands the importance of having apprentices. It’s an opportunity to develop skills for the present and future as our apprentices end up staying with the company after they have completed their studies. Currently, there are 4 apprentices at Stonehill, 2 on CNC milling and 2 on CNC turning. The company hopes to attract apprentices who are interested in learning both milling and turning. The apprenticeship program is always ongoing as indicated by James Mushet – head of apprenticeship at Stonehill. James would like to take on 2 apprentices each year going forward. To join our fantastic apprenticeship program, drop your details in our apprenticeship page.