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Case Studies: Spacer Bracket

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Spacer Bracket Spacer Bracket Spacer Bracket


To manufacture a spacer bracket utilising equipment and best practice at Stonehill Engineering to reduce cost and lead time.



We were supplied a drawing of this component fabricated from aluminium sheet. On looking at this we returned a decision to our customer that the part would distort beyond use during the welding of all the separate parts that made up the original spacer.

Our development team redesigned the part from a solid block on the same dimensions and structure as the fabricated part and resubmitted this to the customer for approval.

By doing this it allowed us to best utilise our machines and abilities so not to supply an inferior product.

The re-design was approved by the customer, and from the 3D model of the new spacer CAD/CAM programs were generated and then downloaded to the machines in the workshop. Production began on our 3 axis machining centres producing high quality parts for the customer.

Satisfaction all round was achieved due to us re-designing and producing a much better quality final product for the customer. This was achieved by working closely with our customer to achieve this quality outcome.

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