they were accepted and a 5000 production run was started
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Case Studies: China Tooling

Delivering Engineering Success


To arrange production of a quality mould tool for a janitorial product and produce the mouldings from this.


Stonehill Engineering took an enquiry and the order from a customer and arranged full manufacture of a mould tool with our Chinese toolmaker. All production issues including initial design and modifications were made in China but dealt with by Stonehill Engineering in the UK. Once the customer was happy with the moulded samples supplied by the Chinese toolmaker, delivery of the tool to the UK was arranged.

Once the tool arrived at the Stonehill Engineering factory, sampling of the tool

was set up again and the customer enquired about coming and watching the tool run.

This was agreed and carried out and the customer returned with samples from the mould.

We held back on production until they had inspected the mouldings taken. These were accepted and a 5000 production run was started.

Delivery of the parts was subsequently arranged and delivered.

An example of successful China tool manufacture and

China Tool China Tool

sampling process followed by UK production moulding at Stonehill Engineering.

The complete process was handled by Stonehill Engineering in the UK.

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