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At Stonehill Engineering our development team can turn your idea into 2D and 3D forms allowing us to assist in development of the component into the sample/prototype stage through the various production routes. Whether this be machined components, prototype mould tools/mouldings or even on to full production tooling and mouldings.

Stonehill Engineering offers its customers all of the above routes of production due to our extensive experience and advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Close collaboration with the customer at the early stages of product development, enables us to advise on the best design, material selection and product enhancement. This advice reduces the cost of tool sampling, product development time, production costs and along with our policy of investment in new plant and people, optimises product quality.

Research and development is an integral part of our business throughout the company. We have the highest level of skill in the most advanced of engineering techniques. Component drawings can be swiftly produced on 3D CAD and can easily be developed to produce computer visual models and solid models. Component designs are compatible with all the latest process-flow analysis software. Careful assessment of product design provides cost benefits, assured performance reliability and ensures rapid market entry.

Stonehill Engineering development team frequently works in partnership with leading industrial designers and major automotive manufacturers and has a proven track record in the timely completion of numerous development projects. These range from complex electro-mechanical devices to passive automotive safety systems.

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