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Injection Moulding

Delivering Engineering Success

Plastic injection moulding of technically challenging components and materials is our core business and one at which we have excelled for many years.

At Stonehill Engineering we specialise in low to mid volume injection moulding whether it's 50 parts you require or 50,000.

Our plastic injection moulding machines range from 22 tonnes to 250 tonnes clamping force and shot capacity from 2 grams up to 800 grams. With such a wide range of machines we are able to offer unrivalled flexibility and versatility. Many of these machines are equipped with modern process controllers, offering repeated and consistent quality, day in, day out.

Stonehill Engineering demonstrates expertise in the processing of virtually any thermoplastic including the engineering grades and so-called exotics. Our Technical Management team always remain at the forefront of technical.

advances and constantly develop our work force and practices to maintain production of high quality components.

With input from our development team we can turn your idea into a production reality with prototype moulds and mouldings made here at Stonehill Engineering, then progressed onto either RPAT (rapid prototype aluminium tooling) done in-house, or production tooling being made at discount prices from our toolmaker partner in China. All toolmaking decisions and dealings would be with Stonehill Engineering acting as the agent taking the hardship out of overseas handling. Once the tooling has been accepted by the customer mouldings can then either be produced under control in the UK at Stonehill Engineering or on a larger scale in China managed by Stonehill Engineering in partnership with our supplier.

All these capabilities take Stonehill Engineering to the forefront of component manufacturing.

Injection Mould Injection Mould Injection Moulded Part Mould Tool Injection Moulded Part Injection Moulded Part Injection Moulded Part Injection Moulding Machine

If you require a quotation or would like to discuss anything please email the sales team at sales@stonehillengineering.com. Our aim is to get back to you with a competitive quote within 48 hours.

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